Company history

Jan.1996It establishes as a wholesaler of super-brand-name goods in Taito Ward, Tokyo.
Apr.1997Hong Kong office establishment
May.2000France Paris office establishment
Jul.2001Retail management system introduction for its company
Mar.2002Italy Milan office establishment
Jan.2003France Paris office is moved to Nice.
May.2006The headquarters is moved to the Tokyo Minato Ward.
Oct.2006E-commerce division establishment
Oct.2006A store is opened in Rakuten Ichiba.
May.2008Sports & out gear division establishment
Jul.2008The license all world manufacturing sales right acquisition of U.S. AM General company "HUMVEE"
Oct.2008Edistribution center is established in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo
Oct.2008License manufacturing sales right acquisition with footwear and carry suitcase of U.S. GM Co. "HUMMER"
Jan.2009Rakuten Ichiba SHOP OF THE YEAR 2008 genre prize winning (AXES)
Jan.2009System service division establishment
Jan.2010Rakuten Ichiba SHOP OF THE YEAR 2009 genre prize winning (AXES)
Mar.2011Move the head officeto the new nishishinbashi building
Feb.2012Environmental division establishment
Mar.2013Move the head officeto the new shishinbashi building

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